Wheel of Fortune is one of the most celebrated games that has graced the world over. Essentially, it’s a game of pure luck that can be played without any strategy whatsoever. And the best part about it is that it’s tons of fun too!

Below we delve into all you need to know about the game as well as how and where to play Wheel of Fortune online. Go on, read through our full guide. Then spin the color wheel to your heart’s content.

How to play wheel of fortune online casino game

The Wheel of Fortune Game – An All American Favorite

Merv Griffin’s Wheel of Fortune game show first made its debut in the mid-1970s. The show featured a competition in which contestants would spin a wheel and solve word puzzles in order to win cash. And ever since the game show made its first public television appearance, its popularity has continued to flourish so much that a replica of the game even made its appearance at multiple county fairs across the lands of America where keen players would queue up to join in the fun of spinning the Big Six Wheel as it comes to a climatic halt.

Wheel of Fortune Online Game

The Wheel of Fortune Online game celebrates 30 years of fun and tradition in digital form. And while the game, which can be found at multiple online casinos, is not exactly like the original one on tv from the 70s which involves answering word puzzles and questions, the virtual Wheel of Fortune online game still uses the iconic large wheel. In regards to gameplay, you’ll find that the game is very similar to that which is found at fairgrounds.

There are types of Wheel of Fortune online games that you’ll typically be able to find on the net. These include the American wheel and the Australian Wheel of Fortune which differ in terms of the number of symbols on their wheel and the odds of the game. However, the aim of the game will always fundamentally remain the same – to get; predict which symbols the spinner will stop on.

Why play Wheel of Fortune online?

  •    Wheel of Fortune is a fun and easy game to play;
  •    This particular game requires no knowledge of strategy;
  •    You can play the online version of this game with the help of an online casino bonus.

Wheel of Fortune Wheel

The structure of the Wheel of Fortune wheel is synonymous to the one that’s found at county fairs and the game show itself. Basically, the wheel is large and segmented into many different slots. All in all, there are usually 54 slots with different symbols which keen players can bet on in hopes that Lady Luck will place her hand on her shoulder as the Big six wheel is spun and comes to a climatic halt.

The Symbols of the Spin the Wheel Game Online

There are various different symbols on the spin the wheel game online that’s found on the net. And while symbols may sometimes vary, they are usually quite similar. Among the symbols you’ll see on the digital variant of the game are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, a Joker sign and a casino logo.

How to play wheel of fortune online casino gameHow to Play Wheel of Fortune Online

Playing Wheel of Fortune online is as easy as ABC. Essentially, all you’ll need to do to play the game is to place your bet and let the wheel spin. If you’d like more of an explanation in regards to how to play Wheel of Fortune, we highly suggest having a look below where we outline a few steps.

1) Place your bet on the wheel of fortune’s symbols

Just like in many other online casino games you’ll typically find on the web, you’ll need to place your bets the symbols you predict will be hit before the wheel is spun. Usually, the symbols displayed on the Wheel of Fortune are a Joker sign, a casino logo and various amounts of money. Of course, prior to betting on any of the slots of the wheel, it’s important to notice be aware of the fact that the slots indicate the winner’s payout and not the money you’ve won. In order to find out more about how payouts work, we suggest having a read through our payouts section found on this page.

2) Let the wheel Spin & Wait for the Outcome

Once you’ve placed your bets on the colourful and multi-segmented wheel, it’ll then be spun. Eventually, the Wheel of Fortune will then come to a halt and point at a particular symbol. Provided that you haven’t managed to win, you won’t receive any winnings. Yet, if you’ve lost, you’ll be paid out according to what’s marked on the wheel.

3) Spin the Wheel Again and Again!

After the round is over, you’ll need to perform the steps we’ve outlined above should you wish to play the game again.

Wheel of Fortune Cheats & Strategies

From players attempting to track patterns, that involves observing the game for a while, to others betting on symbols that seemingly appear the most out of the lot, to other strategies that are often employed during live play, there are tons of strategies that are employed by keen players who attempt to play the game in the hope of winning some hard cold cash during a live game. Yet, how effective are they online?

Wheel of Fortune Strategy – Do they work online?

If you’re looking into playing Wheel of Fortune online, you’re most probably thinking about using some sort of strategy in order to be in a better position to win some cash. And while there are many superstitions and myths surrounding this idea, it is important that you acknowledge that this game is predominantly a game of luck. In fact, like all other online casino games, you’ll find that Wheel of Fortune is a game that’s run on a Random Number Generator (RNG) which ensures that each and every outcome is generated randomly. Hence, similarly to Roulette Online, you won’t be able to track patterns which involve observing the game for a while and betting on symbols that have been frequently or in a while.

Wheel of Fortune Payouts & House Edge at Online Casinos

When it comes to the payouts at Wheel of Fortune online casinos, you should always check how things work as it may sometimes vary from game to game. Fundamentally, it is always important to consider that every game that can be found at internet casinos always has a house edge. And the game of chance, Wheel of Fortune, is certainly no different in this aspect.

Typically, the house edge will depend on the type of Wheel of Fortune online game that you’re playing. The house edge for an American Wheel generally ranges between 11% and 24%. While the house edge for an Australian wheel is at about 8%. If you’d like to learn all about the odds, we’ve outlined the odds on both wheels below in order to give you a better idea of how the odds work.

American Wheel of Fortune Online House Edge & Payouts

Bet Name


No of Symbols on the Wheel

House Edge

Logotype 40:1 24 24.07%
Joker 40:1 15 24.07%
20 20:1 7 22.22%
10 10:1 4 18.52%
5 5:1 2 22.22%
2 2:1 1 16.67%
1 1:1 1 11.11%

Note: The American Wheel of Fortune Game has 54 symbols on each wheel.

Australian Wheel of Fortune & House Edge

Bet Name


No of Symbols on the Wheel

House Edge

Logotype 40:1 24 7.69%
Joker 40:1 12 7.69%
20 20:1 8 7.69%
10 10:1 4 7.69%
5 5:1 2 7.69%
2 2:1 1 7.69%
1 1:1 1 7.69%

Note: The Australian Wheel of Fortune Game has 52 symbols on each wheel.

Spin to Win: Play Wheel of Fortune for Real Cash at Casinos!

Remember when you spent hours watching Merv Griffin’s Wheel of Fortune on TV with your family as a kid? We’re sure you do. The infamous game was watched by millions of people around the world and is still aired today. The mere mention of its name conjures up excitement in numerous fans around the world and while many of them will not get the opportunity to be a guest on the television show, things are a tad bit different in the online realm where a similar game is available to play at the click of a button.

Never played before? Don’t miss out; head to one of our top lists, get your online casino bonus and start playing today. You could possibly win a large amount of cash if Lady Luck places her hand on your shoulder as the big six wheels comes to a dramatic stop!